Widow Sues Manufacturer of Helicopter for Crash

Widow Sues Manufacturer of Helicopter for Crash

The widow of a pilot who died in an aviation accident three years ago recently filed a suit against the manufacturer of the helicopter.

The crash occurred near Arlington, Washington, and the suit was filed in Snohomish County Superior Court.

Pilot Becomes Victim of Deadly Crash

Carol Springer is claiming that the Robinson R-22 helicopter malfunctioned during the flight, which caused the chopper to crash.

Her husband, Ben Springer, 39, was reportedly teaching his friend, Bobby Lee Hayford, to fly during the fatal flight that took both the men’s lives.

The suit claims that Robinson Helicopter Co., manufactured an “unreasonably dangerous” helicopter.

Investigation Surrounds Accident

According to reports, Springer and Hayford were flying between 300 and 500 feet above the ground just a little north of the Arlington Airport.

When the National Transportation Safety Board investigated the accident, they reported, “for some undetermined reason, the main rotor of the helicopter diverged from its normal track and came into contact with the canopy.”

Robinson Fights Back

Kurt Robinson, the vice president of product support says that federal agencies have examined several accidents in the R-22 and came up with guidelines for pilots to use to avoid such problems.

Robinson claims that the reputation of the company depends upon its safety and the R-22 is “as safe as the person flying it.”

(Source: HeraldNet)

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