Neglect at Hillcrest Nursing Home

Neglect at Hillcrest Nursing Home

According to reports, the recent neglect of a woman at a nursing home in Tennessee led to the amputation of her leg.

The Hillcrest-West nursing home is now under investigation and the facility is at risk of losing federal funding if the problems aren’t corrected.

Nursing Staff Accused of Neglect

A podiatrist claimed the woman’s wound was a result of neglect and was the worst wound he had seen in 12 years.

The woman’s case is reportedly not the first to occur at Hillcrest.

There have reportedly been multiple cases of broken bones and bruises on patients living at the home.

The state of Tennessee has fined the home $1, 500 and has recommended that the home receive federal fines of $4,150 per day if these issues aren’t taken care of.

Threat to Lose Medicaid

State censure of nursing homes has reportedly increased dramatically in the past two years.
State officials claim that a recent review showed a “substandard quality of care” at the home.

More than 70 percent of residents at Hillcrest are reportedly on Medicaid, while others are on Medicare.

(Source: Know News)

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