Man Charged in Trucking Accident

Man Charged in Trucking Accident

A Maryland man was recently indicted for felony hit-and-run in a fatal trucking accident.

David Marc Friedlander, 41, has reportedly been charged with four counts of driver to remain at the scene of the accident, which resulted in the victim’s death.

Bakery Truck Hits Woman

According to Montgomery County Police, Friedlander, the driver of a bakery truck, was driving when he struck Ketty Emilce Alvarado.

Alvarado and her husband were allegedly walking to the Shady Grover Metro Station when the woman was suddenly hit.

Her body was apparently dragged for a mile and a half down the street.

“She was mangled and her face was worn down,” claims Amy Bills, an assistant state’s attorney.

Driver Denies Hitting Woman

Bills says that aside from the fact that this was a hit-and-run incident, the case is also focusing on what Friedlander didn’t do.

“He denies ever hitting anybody,” says Montgomery County Police Sgt. Meredith Dominick.

Friedlander reportedly returned to work that day and went on with his daily routine; however, co-workers noticed that he seemed nervous and eventually the police came to him when the delivery truck was reported as being involved.

(Source: Gazette.Net)

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