Misdiagnosed Woman Awarded in Depression Suit

Misdiagnosed Woman Awarded in Depression Suit

A jury in Boston recently awarded $2.5 to a woman who was given the wrong diagnosis and received years of treatment for a disease she never had leading to depression.

After becoming suspicious about her condition in 2003, the patient received tests from another hospital and came to find that she was healthy.

Plaintiff Treated for HIV

After discovering that her partner was HIV positive, Audrey Serrano was told by Dr. Kwan Lai from the University if Massachusetts Medical Center that she too had tested positive for the AIDS virus.

Following the diagnosis, Serrano received HIV treatments for over nine years.

Depression Lawsuit

After years of treatment, Serrano became suspicious that she didn’t have the fatal illness and discovered that her intuition was right.

When tested at another hospital her blood work showed no signs of the virus.

In 2003, Serrano filed a suit against Dr. Lai claiming that as a result of her diagnosis and treatment she had become severely depressed.

Settlement Reached

According to David Angueria, Serrano’s attorney, “It is one of the clearest cases of misdiagnosis that I have ever seen and it’s based in part on a presumption that people who engage in certain types of conduct are more like to have HIV and AIDS than other people without listening to the patient.”

The settlement claimed that Dr. Lai was responsible for the depression and mental anguish Serrano wrongfully suffered for so many years.

“I’m going to finish school and I am going to continue to help others,” explained Serrano after hearing the verdict.

(Source: Associated Press)

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