Home Depot Settles $125 K in Race Discrimination Suit

Home Depot Settles $125 K in Race Discrimination Suit

The Home Depot Inc. has agreed to pay $125,000 settlement for a racial discrimination and retaliation lawsuit claiming the company subjected a former forklift operator/crew lumberman to racial harassment in the workplace and terminated him in retaliation for complaining.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the lawsuit on behalf of former Home Depot employee Mark Reid. The suit names the company’s Saugus, Mass. store.

According to the lawsuit, Reid’s supervisors frequently made offensive comments about his race like calling him “black boy,” “black man,” and “black dog.” Allegedly, the store’s management overlooked the racial harassment directed at Reid by other co-workers, like referring to him as a “worthless (racial epithet)” and telling him that black people were “inferior.”

When Reid complained of the allegations, Home Depot fired him, claims the EEOC.

Home Depot will pay Reid $125,000 to settle the case as well as give Reid a neutral letter of reference, abide by federal discrimination laws, and provide all employees within the Saugus district training of the laws.

This is the company’s second recent discrimination case settlement. In May, Home Depot paid $150,000 to resolve a sex discrimination suit involving a female employee at a Washington store. 

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