Idaho Man Sues Officers for False Arrest

Idaho Man Sues Officers for False Arrest

A man living in Bingham County has filed a suit against local deputies claiming that he was falsely arrested.

The man was in his home when the officers allegedly entered his home without a warrant and arrested him.

Officers Enter Home Without Warrant

The officers reportedly unlawfully entered Kirk John’s trailer and tasered him twice before roughly handcuffing him.

Although the officers claim that they identified themselves before entering John’s home, attorney Allen Browning says that the men were intruders in his home and the case is outrageous.

Arrest Caught on Tape

John was wanted in regards to a warrant that was issued to him seven months previous to the arrest.

Part of the arrest was videotaped and shown as evidence by Browning.

The video reportedly shows the police entering John’s home without knocking and shows them tasering the plaintiff.

“The camera shows Mr. John asking the officer if has a warrant, the officer not responding. When the officer tells him to get down on the ground he says, “For what?” The officers doesn’t answer the question,” explains Browning.

Browning goes on to explain that the officer counted to three before tasering John.

John was allegedly then arrested and suffered two broken wrists from the excessive force of the officers.

After being handcuffed the officers reportedly tasered him again when he was “not saying anything and unable to move” according to Browning.

(Source: KPVI)

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