Alcohol-Related Personal Injury Suit Filed in Illinois Shooting

Alcohol-Related Personal Injury Suit Filed in Illinois Shooting

In a personal injury suit filed in Illinois, a man is targeting a convenience store as one of the culprits in his arm being amputated.  The man, Thomas Calderone, 46, was wounded in his home on September 4, 2000 when another man entered his residence and shot him with a gun.

The shooter, Larry McMeekan, 38, pled guilty to attempted murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm in 2001 and is serving a 12-year prison sentence after being convicted in criminal courts.

Mr. Calderone’s personal injury suit alleges that the All-Stop convenience store in Viola, IL was also at fault in the shooting because they sold Mr. McMeekan alcohol.  The new suit is filed by Calderone using guidelines of a set of Illinois laws known as “The Dram Shop Act” which makes providers of alcohol liable for any injury caused by an intoxicated person whose intoxication was caused by alcohol sold by the shop.  The laws extend to lessors or owners of the alcohol selling business but not private individuals who provide alcohol in a non-business setting.

According to documents and court testimony, the shooting may have been related to the revelation that Mr. Calderone was having an affair with Mr. McMeekan’s wife.

Mr. Calderone’s suit alleges that alcohol fueled Mr. McMeekan’s desire to take criminal action.  According to opening statements Mr. McMeekan had never fired a weapon at anyone, nor had he fired a gun in anger before he was drinking that night.

The lawsuit seeks over $50,000 in lost wages and financial support for Mr. Calderone’s children.  Mr. Calderone had to have part of his arm amputated as a result of his injuries.


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