Illinois Woman Files Wrongful Death Suit

Illinois Woman Files Wrongful Death Suit

A woman living in Madison County, Illinois has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a Collinsville doctor, alleging that her husband committed suicide because of the doctor’s negligence.

According to the lawsuit, Robert Frank Baudino committed suicide March 13, 2007, following months of anxiety and stress disorder problems. According to Robert’s wife, Kathleen Baudino, Robert did not start to experience anxiety until Dec. 13, 2006 following a health exam that showed signs of concern.

The test results caused Robert’s anxiety which ultimately led to his death, says Kathleen.

Doctor is Blamed for Husband’s Wrongful Death

Dr. Joseph Corvallis allegedly prescribed him Celexa for his anxiety; however according to the suit, it did not help. Kathleen states that, instead, Robert suffered more severe personal injuries as a result of the medication. Among the series of events that ultimately led to his death are:

  • He fell three times while on Celexa
  • Suffered a syncope episode March 2, 2007 and has to be treated at Anderson Hospital. During his time at the hospital, he did not take Celexa
  • Following his discharge from the hospital, Corvallis restarted him on a Celexa treatment; however he did not start taking the medication when he was supposed to. According to Kathleen, he said he was waiting to take the medication until his next appointment with Corvallis

Robert was scheduled to visit Corvallis March 13, 2007; however, according to reports he rescheduled for the 15th and ended up committing suicide later that same day.

Doctor Accused of Medical Negligence

Corvallis is named the defendant in the case. According to the suit, his negligence led to Robert’s death. Kathleen alleges he is negligent, because he:

  • Did not provide quality medical care
  • Failed to perform a mental status examination
  • Failed to perform a suicide risk examination
  • Did not educate Kathleen or Robert of the potential risks of taking Celexa
  • Failed to monitor Robert’s condition after starting his Celexa treatment
  • Failed to order a basic psychiatric evaluation
  • Did not diagnose Robert’s condition
  • Started a treatment program without properly assessing the situation

Kathleen is seeking compensation for her husband’s death, reaching $50,000. She is seeking compensation for Robert’s physical and emotional pain and suffering during his last few months and is also seeking compensation for her own personal losses.

(Source: Madison St. Clair Record)

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