Illegal Worker Sues Former Employer

Illegal Worker Sues Former Employer

The Wyoming State Supreme Court has decided they will consider a case that could mean sweeping changes throughout the state, and potentially the country, for employers who hire illegal immigrants.

Javier Molina, an illegal immigrant who had been working for Freund Construction Company for 10 years, was injured in an accident that cost him his leg.  Because he was an illegal immigrant, Mr. Molina was denied worker’s compensation by the state.  He sued his former employer instead, in an attempt to recoup costs relating to the damages and his medical care.

Wyoming District Court Judge Dan R. Price II initially saw the case and decided to turn it over to the state’s Supreme Court because there were no other similar cases or decisions in Wyoming’s history.  The Supreme Court, through Chief Justice William U. Hill, agreed to hear the case.

The suit is seeking damages based on the alleged complicity the company had in hiring illegal immigrants throughout the years.   The suit alleges that the company knowingly hired many illegally immigrated individuals throughout the years despite warnings from the Social Security Administration about possible Social Security Card fraud.


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