Illinois Couple Files Personal Injury Lawsuit

Illinois Couple Files Personal Injury Lawsuit

A couple living in Madison County, Illinois filed a personal injury lawsuit against four defendants, including Ace Hardware, alleging that serious injuries sustained by the wife were caused by the defendants’ negligence.  

Sheila Jolley claims that she suffered serious injuries after being thrown from an Ace Hardware parade float July 25. She claims that the driver of the float slammed on his breaks, causing Jolley to fall off the float. The driver, Steven Faulkner, then started moving without looking and ran over Jolley’s leg.  

Wife Suffers Life-Changing Injuries

According to the suit, Jolley’s right leg had to be amputated after being run over by the float. Her and her husband, John, claim they have and continue to spend substantial amounts of money on hospital bills and treatments for the injuries.

Faulkner, Troy Lions Club and the City of Troy are also named as defendants in the suit. Among other accusations, the defendants are being accused of: 

  • Failing to provide a safe float
  • Failing to protect the safety of participants
  • Reckless driving of the float
  • Unsafe supervision 

Couple Seeks Compensation for Losses

Although the amount of the lawsuit has not been released, the couple is seeking compensation to cover medical expenses, the cost of future treatments, lost wages and emotional pain and suffering caused by the accident. 

(Source: Madison St. Claire Record) 

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