Illinois Man Files Personal Injury Lawsuit

Illinois Man Files Personal Injury Lawsuit

A man living in Illinois filed a lawsuit against two men and a trucking company after sustaining serious injuries in an auto accident. George Wilkerson filed the suit Oct. 1 in the Madison County Circuit Court claiming he suffered back, shoulder and neck injuries in a car accident Feb. 4.

The lawsuit claims that Wilkerson’s vehicle was sandwiched between two cars while driving east on Interstate 270 in Madison County. He was allegedly driving on the Interstate, when defendant, James Roberts, swerved in front of his car and slammed on his breaks, causing Wilkerson to smash into the back of him.  

The second defendant, Brian Friedrich, then crashed into the back of Wilkerson’s car, sandwiching him between the two vehicles. The lawsuit claims that Roberts’ abrupt stop and failure to keep a proper lookout was an act of negligence, making him reliable for the collision. The suit states that Friedrich displayed negligence as well, by not applying his breaks at the time of the accident.  

Injured Man Seeks Compensation

Wilkerson claims that he sustained serious injuries in the accident and is seeking financial compensation for medical bills and lost wages. He is also seeking compensation for the mental anguish he suffered as a result of the accident.  

According to the lawsuit, Wilkerson suffered traumatic head injuries in the accident in addition to serious injuries to his back, shoulder, neck and the soft tissues of the cervical, shoulder and lumbar areas. He is suing the defendants for sums in excess of $150,000, plus the cost of the lawsuit.

(Source: Madison St. Claire Report) 

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