Suit Filed Against Bus Driver in Illinois

Suit Filed Against Bus Driver in Illinois

A man who was injured in a school bus accident recently filed suit against the driver of the bus earlier this week.

The man blames the driver for the mental and physical pain he now suffers as a result of the accident.

Richmond-Burton Community High School District 157 has also been named in the suit.

Man Claims Injuries from Accident

David Fuller, 38, filed the lawsuit against Rhonda Flumetto and the district, who employees the driver.

“Rhonda Flumetto, while operating the school bus, caused it to violently collide into the rear of David Fuller’s motor vehicle, forcing it into the westbound lane of Route 173 and causing it to be struck by oncoming traffic,” claims the suit.

According to reports, the accident, which happened last spring, also injured two children from Richmond Grade School, Flumetto, and another motorist.

Seeking Compensation from Crash

Flumetto, 42, was charged with failure to reduce speed in order to avoid the accident.

She was reportedly also driving without a valid registration.

Fuller is seeking more than $50,000 for the emotional and physical pain that he supposedly suffered in the accident.

His wife, Shawna Fuller has also been named as a co-plaintiff due to the loss of companionship and support as a result of the incident.

(Source: Northwest Herald)

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