Woman Awarded $20,000 in IL Car Accident Suit

Woman Awarded $20,000 in IL Car Accident Suit

A jury in Madison County, Illinois awarded a woman who suffered injuries in an auto accident more than $20,000 in damages. Jessica Johnson claimed she sustained serious injuries to her neck, back and head in an auto accident caused by the defendant, Nathaniel Brand.

According to the lawsuit, Brand slammed into the back of Johnson’s vehicle, causing her to rear-end the car in front of her Oct. 27, 2005. As a result, Johnson claimed she suffered traumatic injuries.

Injured Woman Seeks Compensation
Johnson sued Brand for compensation to cover the following damages:

  • $12,346.85 – medical expenses
  • $30,000 - pain and suffering

The jury found Brand to be at fault and blamed the auto accident on his negligence. As a result, they awarded Johnson compensation to cover the full amount of medical expenses and the cost of the trial.

Despite the fact that the jury found Brand negligent, they did not award Johnson the amount she asked for to cover pain and suffering. Instead of the requested $30,000, she was awarded $8,000.

Personal Injury Lawsuits
A personal injury refers to an injury caused by the negligence, recklessness or intentional harm of another, and in most cases where negligence can be proven, victims of personal injury are eligible to recover compensation for their losses.

Injured victims are usually able to seek compensation for:

  • Medical/ hospital bills
  • Long-term care, treatment programs
  • Lost wages, lost ability to work
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Physical disfigurement

Determining Liability
In a personal injury lawsuit, one of the most important aspects is determining liability. In some cases, for example, there can be more than one person, or even a product or company responsible for the personal injury.

(Source: Madison St. Clair Record)

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