Former Harvard High Sues Teacher for Injuries

Former Harvard High Sues Teacher for Injuries

A former student at Harvard High School in Illinois recently filed a suit against his previous wood-shop teacher for injuries he suffered in class.

According to reports, the student became the victim of a saw accident that deeply cut four of his fingers on his left hand.

Student’s Hand Severely Injured

Alek Stricker, 18, claims that a guard had been removed from the table saw he was working with and the tool kicked back on the bottom of a chest he was building.

Stricker’s index and middle fingers were reportedly cut to the joint, and the tendon on his ring finger was also cut.

Forced to Undergo Surgeries

As a result of the incident, Stricker was forced to undergo three surgeries in an attempt to fix the damage that had been done.

However, the boy’s hand is still disfigured.

“I’m worried about his strength, range of motion, his grasping strength,” says Stricker’s attorney, Randal Baudin.

Boy Takes Action with Suit

The suit has been filed against Vern Bradow, who was Stricker’s shop teacher at the time, for his negligence.

The suit also claims that other school staff members failed to provide proper medical care for the plaintiff.

Stricker is seeking at least $50,000 in compensation from the school district and Bradow for the physical and emotional injuries he has endured.

(Source: Northwest Herald)

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