$5M Settlement Reached in Belleville Abuse Case

$5M Settlement Reached in Belleville Abuse Case

A jury in Illinois recently awarded $5 million to the plaintiff involved in the sexual abuse lawsuit filed against priest.

The man who filed the suit was a former altar boy who claims he, along with his friends, was sexually abused by the priest and top officials for the Bellville Diocese covered the scandal up.

Man Accuses Priest of Sexual Abuse

James Wisniewski, 47, filed the sexual abuse lawsuit in 2002, accusing Rev. Raymond Kownacki of repeatedly sexually abusing him and other youths.

The lawsuit also claims that the diocese “fraudulently concealed” evidence that Kownacki was known to be a violent rapist and child sex offender.

“Through the heroism of Jim Wisniewski, other victims may finally come forward,” says Dave Clohessy, the executive director of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests.

Diocese Enables Abuse

Sarah Weisner, one of the jurors in the trial, says the most important testimony was the fact that Kownacki kept being reassigned to various parishes even after church leaders discovered he was sexually abusing minors.

Since 1993, the diocese has reportedly removed 14 priests for sexual misconduct involving minors.
Justice Finally Served

Since the suit, Kownacki has been removed from the ministry and faces a lifetime in jail.

“This is a great day for me and other victims of sexual abuse,” said Wisniewski after hearing the verdict.

(Source: BND)

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