Illinois Woman Files Slip and Fall Action

Illinois Woman Files Slip and Fall Action

A woman living in Illinois filed a personal injury lawsuit after slipping and falling in front of an East Alton Subway. Mitchelle Price claims she sustained serious injuries after slipping on a patch of ice in front of the sandwich shop. 

The lawsuit, which was filed Dec. 15 in Madison County Circuit Court, names the following defendants: 

  • Village of East Alton
  • Alton shopping center
  • Subway Enterprises 

Plaintiff Suffers Injuries in Fall

According to the personal injury suit, Price suffered several injuries in the fall. She claims her muscles, ligaments, membranes, nerves, blood vessels and tissues were:

  • Sprained
  • Torn
  • Bruised
  • Cut 

She also argues that as a result if the accident, she fell ill, sore and disordered. In addition to her physical injuries, Price also alleges she suffered financial and emotional damage, including hefty medical costs and mental anguish. 

Injured Woman Seeks Compensation 

Price is seeking compensation to cover her losses from the Village of East Alton, Alton Shopping Center and Subway Enterprises. She argues all three defendants are responsible for her injuries because they were negligent, by: 

  • Failing to exercise reasonable maintenance of the sidewalk to ensure safety
  • Failed to warn Price and other customers of the dangers of the walkway 

Price is seeking sums in excess of $150,000 from the three defendants.  

(Source: Madison St. Clair Record) 

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