St. Louis Illinois Family Files Wrongful Death Suit

St. Louis Illinois Family Files Wrongful Death Suit

A man living in St. Louis, Illinois recently filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of a family member who died after doctors failed to diagnose her aneurysm. According to the lawsuit, Alena Harper died from an aneurysm after complaining to her doctor of a severe headache and other symptoms. 

Alena’s family member, Justin Harper, filed a wrongful death suit Nov. 10 against St. Louis University, one of its doctors, and Family Physicians of Madison County for the fatal misdiagnosis.  

Family Member Blames Defendants’ Negligence

Justin alleges Alena’s death was a direct result of the defendants’ negligence, arguing: 

  • Dr. Nicole Lowe failed to order an MRI
  • St. Louis University and Family Physicians negligently failed to properly read a CT film, and failed to diagnose and properly treat the condition 

Plaintiff Seeks Financial Compensation for Losses

Justin is seeking compensation from the defendants for taking Alena’s life. He alleges, had they properly done their jobs and treated her aneurysm, she would still be alive. The lawsuit claims Alena’s family including Justin has suffered damages including:

  • Hefty medical expenses, funeral bills
  • Deprived of Alena’s love, companionship, society and support
  • Emotional pain and suffering 

Justin seeks damages in excess of $450,000. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed in the Madison County Circuit Court. 

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

A wrongful death lawsuit refers to a lawsuit filed against the person(s) responsible for another’s death. Because the diseased cannot file a lawsuit, a legal loophole has been created so close members can hold the liable parties accountable.  

The most important aspect of a wrongful death suit is being able to prove that the death was caused by the defendants’ negligence, recklessness or intentional harm. 

If the court finds the defendant(s) guilty, the family members of the diseased are eligible to seek compensation for financial and emotional looses. 

(Source: Madison St. Claire Record) 

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