Plan to Combat Tainted Imports

Plan to Combat Tainted Imports

After the U.S. has been rocked by a series of product recalls in the past year, the Consumer Safety Commission decided to begin a new phase in their fight against unsafe products.

The agency recently revealed a new program that they hope will prevent unsafe products from being imported into the U.S.

War Against Tainted Toys

Customs agents and inspectors from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have joined forces to ensure that Chinese toys are not making it into the homes of consumers.
According to reports, more than 100-million cargo containers enter the U.S. by land, sea and air yearly.

However, the CPSC only has 100 inspectors working to inspect them all.

Shortage of Workers

As a result of the shortage of CPSC employees, toys painted with lead, contaminated shrimp and seafood and tainted dog food have all made their way into America, causing harm in many consumers.

“Consumer confidence has been impacted in the safety issue, particularly toys continue to be high on the list of our consumers,” explains Carrie Lopez, the Director of the California Consumer Affairs.

(Source: WBKO)

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