Controversy Regarding Teachers and Physical Abuse

Controversy Regarding Teachers and Physical Abuse

New information has been revealed from the Ohio Department of Education highlighting teachers who physically abuse their students.

The information has been controversial since many believe that there are disparities in the ways in which teachers are disciplined for abusing children in the classroom.

Abuse on the Rise

Since 2000, 59 teachers in Ohio have been punished for physically abusing and neglecting their students.

According to reports, most of these cases have been hidden from parents and the Ohio Department of Education.

Physical Abuse Vs. Sexual Abuse

Many are beginning to question why more and more cases of physical abuse between teachers and students are popping up throughout the country.

The fact that teachers who are charged with sexually abusing a student are fired and jailed while those who physically abuse their students are, in some cases, simply getting a slap on the hand, is causing many to question the system.

In one such case, a principal grabbed a second-grader by the foot and dragged him down the hallway.

The principal was reportedly reprimanded by being “written-up”, which is allegedly a common punishment for physical abuse in the school system.

“The disparity is outrageous,” states Yvette McGee Brown, president of the Center for Child and Family Advocacy. “Abuse, whether physical or sexual, is wrong.”

Brown goes on to say, “allowing teachers to return to the classroom without public hearing is a failure of the system. A child has been abused and the message is, ‘It’s OK.’”

(Source: Columbus Dispatch)

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