Mother of Drowning Victim Files Suit

Mother of Drowning Victim Files Suit

The mother of a teenage boy living in Indiana who was killed last summer in a car accident filed recently filed a suit on his behalf.

The suit has been filed against the state of Indiana and Union County.

Lawsuit Claims

Trey M. Kidwell was reportedly driving home when he got lost on the Old 101 and took a wrong turn that cost him his life.

The suit claims that the county and state have failed to provide adequate warning on the Old 101 to inform drivers that the road suddenly ends, leading onto a boat ramp.

“The defendants each had a duty to provide adequate signage and/or barriers to indicate the above-referenced portion of Old S.R. 101 ended at the boat ramp and Brookeville Lake Reservoir,” say court documents.

Car Accident Takes Life

Kidwell was 17-year-old when he mistakenly drove his car off the Fairfield Ramp into the lake and drowned.

The Indiana Department of Transportation and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources were also named as defendants in the suit.

Kidwell’s mother is seeking an estimated $500,000 in damages for her son’s wrongful death.

“As a result of each of the defendants’ negligence, the plaintiff has suffered the loss of Trey Kidwell’s services, love and affection,” states the suit.

(Source: Palladium Item)

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