Lawsuit Filed Against Estate of Teacher

Lawsuit Filed Against Estate of Teacher

A lawsuit was recently filed in Indiana against the estate of a local teacher who injured two children in a car accident.

The suit was filed by the family of the children who were struck by the teacher’s sports -utility vehicle while waiting for the bus.

Morning Car Accident

Marsha Eppert was reportedly on her way to work at Royerton Elementary School when she was involved in a minor car accident.

After the collision, Eppert’s SUV continued eastward before striking Jalyn Bird and Jeffrey Bird Jr., and finally crashing into a tree.

Investigators say that they can’t determine what caused the teacher’s car to continue traveling after the initial accident since Eppert died a week after the collision and they never interviewed her regarding the situation.

Children Injured

Jalyn Bird, who was seven-years-old at the time of the accident, suffered two broken legs, a broken pelvis and injuries to her head and lungs from the accident.

According to the suit, she was forced to spend five weeks in Methodist Hospital to treat these injuries.

Her brother, Jeffrey, who was ten-years-old at the time, was treated at Ball Memorial Hospital for two cracked vertebrae and a broken hand.

Family Files Suit

The suit, which was filed by the Bird family, states that both children suffered “severe and permanent injuries” due to Eppert’s negligence.

The parents of the children, Jeffrey Bird Sr. and April Bird, have accused Eppert of failing to take action in order to avoid hitting the children.

(Source: TheStarPress)

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