Lawsuit Filed in Indiana for Fatal Car Crash

Lawsuit Filed in Indiana for Fatal Car Crash

A lawsuit was recently filed in Indiana by the family members of a man and woman who were recently killed in a fatal car accident.

The suit was filed against the man who crashed into the couple and claims that he was negligent and driving recklessly on that fateful night.

Car Crash Takes Lives

Bernadeta Plewa, 22 and Grzegorz Myrda 25 and Piotr Myrda, 21 were on the Indiana Toll Road when they hit a deer and pulled into the left lane, where they got out of the car to investigate the condition of their car.

At this time Clifford Colyer, a trucker for Swift Transportation Inc. was driving down the road and reportedly didn’t see the car since their emergency lights weren’t flashing.

Colyer crashed into the car killing Plewa and Grzegorz Myrda and badly injuring Piotr Myrda.

Family Files Suit Against Truck Driver

Piotr Myrda and his family, along with Plewa’s family, filed the suit against Colyer that accuses him of speeding and driving recklessly.

Myrda states in the suit that Colyer should have braked and steered to avoid the car in the left lane since two other trucks who passed the accident were reportedly able to do so.

The plaintiffs are seeking financial compensation for their loss, medical expenses and pain and suffering.

(Source: The Times Online)

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