Indiana Family Sues Police for Loss of Son

Indiana Family Sues Police for Loss of Son

A family from Gary, Indiana, filed a suit late last week for the death of their 18-year-old son. The boy was killed in a car accident and the family believes that if the police on call had done their job efficiently, he may still be with them today.

Teenager Dies in Car Accident

Dominique Green was one of four boys who were involved in the fatal crash.

The survivors of the accident, Darius Moore and DeAndre Anderson, claim that after the accident they begged police to search the woods for their friends who were missing, but the police failed to do so.

When Arthur Smith, the father of the other boy who was missing, returned to the scene of the accident to search, he found the bodies of his son and Green in the woods.

Family Angered

According to Green’s family, the police took hours before reaching the accident and when they did, they failed to conduct an efficient search for the missing boys.

“We brought this case about to right the justice to me son’s injustice,” explained Green’s mother Jacequelyn. “He was left down at the bottom of a ravine to die.”

The Green family believes that if their son had been found earlier, their son may still be alive.

“He had a chance to live and that chance was taken from him and his parents by the Gary police,” stated the family’s attorney, Ken Allen.

The $50 million lawsuit has been filed against the police who were on call the night of the accident, Thomas Houston and Jeffrey Westerfield.

(Source: CNN)

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