Indiana school bus safety

Indiana school bus safety

As children return to school and take the bus back and forth, there are certain school bus safety tips that Indiana officials want to remind parents and children about.   

According to the Indiana State Police, more than 400 school buses will be put through safety inspections to ensure everything from windshield wipers to windows to horns are in order to transfer children safely.  While the safety inspections can help improve school bus safety, bus drivers say parents should still talk to their children about the rules of the road since distractions like yelling can compromise safety.

One rule parents should communicate to their children about school bus safety is not to fall out of the driver’s eyesight should they drop something on the bus, which can result in the driver taking their eyes off the road.  Instead, children can let the driver know what is going on. 

A lot of focus is placed on vehicle safety, but it can be easy to overlook school bus safety as well.  Just like parents should teach children how to be safe in family cars, parents should also encourage children to practice safety precautions on school buses when there are more distractions and less monitoring that can make it an even riskier place. 

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