Lawsuit Filed over Industrial Explosion

Lawsuit Filed over Industrial Explosion

A lawsuit has been filed over an industrial accident that took the lives of three workers at Milwaukee manufacturing facility.

In the lawsuit, filed by attorney Robert Habush on behalf of the families of the three dead men, Daniel Kuster, Thomas LeTendre and Curtis Lane, claimed that the explosion happened because a mechanical contractor installed at propane pipe in rocks instead of protective sand.

Over the course of 18 years, the suit said, the hard, sharp rocks penetrated the pipe’s protective layer, which allowed the pipe wall to corrode. Two holes in the steel pipe wall resulted.

Propane leaked out from the holes and collected in a building known as the Annex on the Falk property. It exploded killing the three men, two of which were fathers.

The blast also injured 46 other workers.

The lawsuit blames J.M. Brennan Inc. for the wrongly installed pipe.

Other Charges

The lawsuit also alleges other misconduct on the part of J.M. Brennan Inc., including:

· Failing to pressure test for leaks before pumping propane through the pipes
· Failing to monitor equipment gauges that would have alerted staff of a leaking pipe

“It’s just common sense,” Habush said. “Custom and practice in the industry would apply. You don’t have to be a genius to know that this isn’t the way you install a pipe.”

The Lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for the three families, but does not seek punitive damages.

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