Inmate Sues Prison for Disability

Inmate Sues Prison for Disability

A prison inmate has filed a lawsuit against the prison claiming her treatment at the facility led her to suffer a disability.

Tonya Vosburgh, who claims she is a hemiparetic – which means one side of her body is partially paralyzed – filed the lawsuit against the Salt Lake prison in Salt Lake’s District Court.

In her lawsuit, Vosburgh claims that the prison staff did not allow her to keep her shoelace, which left her unable to fasten the leg brace she must wear. This caused her to break her ankle when she fell, she claims.

Vosburgh said the prison policy prohibiting inmates from having shoelaces is discriminatory and does not include any exceptions for people with disabilities who need shoelaces or strings to secure braces or other equipment.

In the lawsuit Vosburgh wrote by hand, she said, “I believe I am entitled to financial relief because of the necessary scaring (sic), pain, broken (sic) & swelling (sic) that could have been aileviated (sic) if I were aloud (sic) to keep my shoe laces, given a Velcro shoe, offered a wheelchair.”

She seeks unspecified damages.

Under United States law, when a disability is a result of someone else’s actions (or inaction, in some cases), the injured person has a legal right to seek compensation and be  “made whole.

There is also a system of laws in place to protect people with disabilities from discriminatory treatment, and to ensure that places make accommodations for them.

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