Bill Requiring Insurance at Private Waterparks Proposed

Bill Requiring Insurance at Private Waterparks Proposed

A new bill has been proposed in Missouri that would introduce new regulations for private amusement water park accident insurance.

The proposed bill would require these parks to have at least $1 million in liability insurance.

Boy’s Drowning Sparks New Bill

State lawmakers came up with the bill after a six-year-old boy drowned over the summer at a water park that wasn’t covered by state regulations.

Lauren Cory’s son, Ethan, drowned while on a field trip to the Swimmin’ Hole.

“We know it’s a long process, but there’s absolutely no reason to change it,” says Cory. “All this is going to do is protect children.”

Ethan’s Law

House Bill 1341, has been nicknamed “Ethan’s Law,” and would require all privately owned swimming pools in the state to have $1 million or more of insurance in case an accident was to happen involving a patron.

Marilyn Ruestman, the State’s Rep., is sponsoring the bill.

Ruestman believes that by requiring insurance, the bill will hopefully get insurance companies behind it and, in turn, they will ensure that the parks are kept safe.

As of now, only city pools, hotel pools and water parks at amusement parks are covered by state regulations, while privately operated pools, like the Swimmin’ Hole, are exempt from these rules.

(Source: BND)

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