$5.3M Settlement Reached Suit Against IP

$5.3M Settlement Reached Suit Against IP

A settlement was recently reached in a case filed against the International Paper Co. in Memphis, Tennessee.

The woman who filed the suit reportedly received $5.2 million in the personal injury suit.

Woman Injured in Crash

The plaintiff, who is a resident of Atlanta, was severely injured and lost her arm when she was supposedly rear-ended by a truck driven by an IP employee.

The employee reportedly failed to stop because she was distracted and was talking on her cell phone.

The plaintiff’s vehicle was reportedly pushed into a ditch and her arm became trapped between the door and the ground.

IP Takes Blame

International Paper is a Memphis based company and has gained a reputation as being the largest pulp and paper producer in the world.

“This was a very unfortunate accident, in which, regrettably, the plaintiff suffered a very severe injury. We hope the settlement affords her a measure of care and recompense as she moves forward,” stated Amy Sawyer, spokeswoman for International Paper.

(Source: Memphis Business Journal)

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