Dog Owner Fights Ticket After Attack

Dog Owner Fights Ticket After Attack

A man living in Iowa was recently attacked and severely injured by a dog while running on a trail.

The owner of the dog was reportedly issued a ticket for negligence but is supposedly fighting the charges being held against her.

Runner Attacked by Dog

Andrew Hansen, 47, a resident of Cedar Rapids, was reportedly on a trail when a mastiff, belonging to Shannon L. Homewood, 22, charged at him from the bushes.

According to reports, the dog was chained to the side of the house when he broke free and attacked Hansen.

The dog, named Rocky, circled Hansen before biting his left hand, cutting it and crushing ligaments.
“I thought he was literally going to rip apart my hand,” said Hansen.

Man Injured and Owner Held Responsible

Before the dog reportedly tried to attack Hansen again, Homewood ran after him and he returned home.

Hansen went to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries; however, his hand was reportedly disabled for several days leaving him with thousands in medical bills.

Homewood pleaded not guilty to the charges made against her in relation to the incident but Hansen isn’t backing down and believes it’s an issue of public safety.

“This trail is used heavily by people smaller than me,” explained Hansen. “Its head was at the level of my hand, all I can think of is what it could have done to a child.”

(Source: Gazette Online)

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