Jacobina Biscuit Recall

Jacobina Biscuit Recall

Everlasting Distributors, Inc., a food retailer based in New Jersey, has recently recalled all of its "Jacobina Biscuits" due to the possibility that they may be contaminated with melamine, a type of plastic that is toxic when consumed. These contaminated biscuits are packaged in 4-oz. (110-gram) blue, red and clear plastic bags.

Supported by the FDA, Everlasting Distributors has urged anyone in possession of these defective products to immediately throw them away and not eat them.

The Health Effects of Melamine

As a resilient type of plastic, melamine has been used in a number of products, including countertops, fabrics, adhesives and inks. However, when it finds its way into food products (whether or not the manufacturer intentionally includes melamine in the food product), melamine is highly toxic and can cause injuries including:

  • bladder or kidney stones
  • bladder cancer
  • irritability
  • kidney infections
  • reproductive issues
  • urinary pain
  • hematuria (bloody urine)
  • hypertension (high blood pressure)

Unfortunately, the melamine-contamination of Jacobina biscuits isn't the first incidence of this plastic finding its way into food and posing a threat to consumers. The 2007 pet food contamination that killed thousands of pets, as well as the recent contamination of Chinese baby formula that harmed many infants, both also stemmed from a melamine contamination.

While the contaminated Jacobina Biscuits were almost exclusively distributed to Asian supermarkets, they may have made their way into other specialty stores or grocery store chains.

What to Do If You Are Affected
Although no one has yet reported becoming sick after consuming these melamine-contaminated biscuits, anyone who starts experiencing the symptoms of melamine poisoning should:

  • Seek immediate medical attention to prevent further health complications.
  • Report his/her illness to the FDA so authorities can more quickly locate areas where contaminated biscuits may be.
  • Consider filing a personal injury lawsuit to win damages for his pain and suffering.

(Source: FDA)

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