Residents in KS Concerned About Mold

Residents in KS Concerned About Mold

Residents living in a sub-division in Maize, Kansas are voicing their concern and anger over the ongoing toxic mold problems in their homes.

Exposure to excessive amounts of mold can be potentially life-threatening and cause many health problems.

Homeowners at Risk

The Mennonite Housing project was reportedly developed to help families who are of lower income.

However, now families are claiming that the housing project has been anything but helpful.

According to many of the homeowners living in the housing development, they have acquired allergies from the mold in their homes.

Many of them have put their homes up for sale, but seeing as they contain potentially harmful substances, no one wants to buy them.

Mold Infested Homes

Christina Fowler, a resident of the community, says that when she had her basement checked for mold all three walls were contaminated.

“We built this house and it was supposed to be a dream for us and it has been nothing but a nightmare since we moved in,” explains Fowler.

Reports claims that 25 of the 45 homes built are infested with mold.


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