Katrina Nursing Home Deaths Prompt Class-Action Lawsuit

Katrina Nursing Home Deaths Prompt Class-Action Lawsuit

Twenty-two residents died when hurricane Katrina caused a power outage in a New Orleans nursing home last year, prompting one woman to file a class-action lawsuit on their behalf.

Cheryl Martin, daughter of Ida Antoine, who died at the home, filed the lawsuit against the facility on July 20, 2006. The suit claims that the nursing home failed to evacuate its residents, to have an adequate backup power supply, and to give its patients proper medical care.

The Lafon Nursing Home of the Holy Family in Eastern New Orleans did not evacuate its residents before Katrina struck the area in August of 2005. Allegedly, the residents died from unsafe conditions in the home during the days following the storm.

Martin claims that the facility handled the situation very poorly, especially in its disregard of the mayor’s mandatory evacuation order, “… the recommended warnings by the national and local weather services, and ...[the] publicly known dangers of the hurricane.”

According to the complaint, “Lafon failed to provide, arrange for or otherwise safely or adequately transport/evacuate [Martin's] mother and all those similarly situated.”

She alleges that the combination of a lack of power and excessive heat after the storm created “unreasonably dangerous conditions” in the home.

Martin is seeking compensation for her mother’s pain and suffering, and wrongful-death damages for herself. She is also seeking damages for the family members of the other 21 victims who died and the many more who were injured.

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