Lawsuits Still Pending in KY Crash

Lawsuits Still Pending in KY Crash

After Flight 5191 took off on the wrong runway in 2006 and 49 of the 50 passengers were killed, more than 45 lawsuits were filed against Comair.

Although a majority of the suits have been settled, eight lawsuits still remain and some families still haven’t received the compensation or peace of mind they feel is owed to them.

Lawsuits Follow Deadly Accident

In August 2007, Flight 5191 took off on the wrong runway at Blue Grass Airport and most of the passengers aboard were instantly killed.

Immediately after the accident, the families of the victims began filing suits against Comair for the wrongful deaths of their loved ones.

In addition to passenger lawsuits, the families of two of the crew members aboard, pilot Jeffrey Clay and flight attendant Kelly Heyer filed suits against the Federal Aviation Administration.

The suit claimed the FAA failed to understand the air traffic control the morning of the crash and for their negligence, the lives of Clay and Heyer were cut short.

Settlements Still in the Works

Eight cases are still in the works involving the airline accident case and according to attorneys, last-minute settlements in aviation lawsuits are quite common.

The question now remains whether or not the jury is going to directly punish Comair for the incident.

“I would be really surprised if this case doesn’t go to trial,” says David Rapoport, an aviation attorney in Chicago.

With the remaining cases, jurors will reportedly have to decide how much responsibility lies in the hands of the federal government, if any.


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