Trial Date Set in KY Amusement Park Case

Trial Date Set in KY Amusement Park Case

A judge recently announced that a court date has been set, along with a settlement deadline, in the case against Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.

The case involves the controversial accident that occurred last summer at the amusement park where a little girl’s feet were severed on a ride.

Cables on Ride Cause Severe Injury

According to reports, Kaitlyn Lasitter was on the Superman Tower of Power ride last June when cables snapped, cutting off the 14-year-old’s feet.

Doctors were able to reattach Lasitter’s right foot, but had to amputate part of her left leg and she also underwent several subsequent injuries.

Family Sues Six Flags

Lasitter and her family filed a suit against Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom following the accident claiming the park failed to properly maintain the ride.

The suit also states Six Flags didn’t use proper safety equipment to ensure their riders’ were prevented from having injuries.

Suit Goes to Trial

Judge Barry Willett has reportedly scheduled the case to go to trial January 5, 2010 and has set a November 23, 2009 deadline for the family and amusement park to mediate a settlement.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has released a report stating that the accident was due to a faulty cable and the slow response of a park ride operator.

(Source: Forbes)

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