Father Files Suit for Truck Accident

Father Files Suit for Truck Accident

A suit was recently filed in Kentucky by the father of a pregnant woman who was killed in a truck accident.

The wrongful death suit names a coal truck driver and the companies that operated the truck as defendants.

Accident on Icy Roads

Erica Brown, 24, was three months pregnant when she was involved in a minor accident on the shoulder of a road.

When paramedic Christa Burchett arrived to the scene, both women were hit and killed by a loaded coal truck that was allegedly speeding, slid on ice and hit them.

Lawsuit Claims

Brian Brown, Erika’s father, filed the suit against Rifle Coal Company Inc. and M & R Trucking Inc.

The suit claims that the truck was carrying too much coal considering how icy the roads were at the time of the accident.

Brown also claims that M & R violated certain inspection standards and that the truck was speeding, which caused it to slide on the road.

Father Seeks Compensation

In the suit, Brown asks for unspecified compensation for the lost earnings of his daughter and her unborn baby.

He is also seeking compensation for funeral expenses and the pain and suffering that has daughter experienced.

(Source: Kentucky.com)

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