Woman Sues Lab over Cancer Misdiagnosis

Woman Sues Lab over Cancer Misdiagnosis

Because of a diagnosis mistake, a 56-year-old woman lived with the fact that she had cancer for over a year. She had 25 radiation treatments before finally learning that the medical lab that analyzed her biopsy sample confused it with another woman’s.

Lynn Yurosko, of Garden City, New York, is suing the lab, Quest Diagnostics, for the error. The suit also names the Nassau Radiologic Group, and four doctors.

The lawsuit said that the mix-up began when Yurosko’s biopsy sample was switched with an unnamed woman’s in November of 2004. The case is set to go on trial some time next year, her lawyer Bob Sullivan said. A jury is to determine damages.

The Director of Quest Diagnostic’s lab, Era Khurana, said in an affidavit that she first became aware of the mistake when Yurosko’s doctor expressed concerns that the breast tissue samples taken during the radiation treatments did not look like those of a patient with cancer.

Yurosko’s doctor then received a letter from the Lab asking to “please disregard” Yurosko’s cancer diagnosis.

Khurana said the woman who received Yurosko’s biopsy sample, which tested negative for cancer, was notified of the mistake, but that her doctor had already ordered another test.

Yurosko, who is healthy, expressed concerns about the possible side effects of the radiation treatment she underwent because studies have linked radiation treatment with an increased risk of heart and lung problems.

This is not the first time Quest Diagnostics has been sued for such a mistake. Last April, a Manhattan jury awarded $11.8 million to the children and husband of a woman who died of cervical cancer when the condition went undetected through several years of tests and regular medical exams.

The woman, Vicki Malouf, 45, died in August of 2001 because Quest Diagnostics misread two pap smear results, and the missed abnormalities grew into full blown cancer.

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