Tragic Lake George Boat Was Overcrowded

Tragic Lake George Boat Was Overcrowded

New evidence about the Lake George, NY tragedy has come to light, which suggests that the tour boat Ethan Allen was carrying some 1,000 pounds more than regulations specified. 

It is speculated that a large wave made by the wake of another vessel caused the boat to tilt dangerously to one side.  The boat tipped over and the passengers, mainly elderly tourists, all were thrown to one side.  The additional weight helped tip the boat over, flooding it with water.  Some 20 elderly people were killed in the accident.

News came to light recently that the boat also only had one crewmember, the captain, and that regulations called for at least two with the amount of people the boat had.  New information suggests that the 48 passengers were overloaded onto the boat, and the additional weight certainly would have added to the tragedy.

National Transportation Safety Board investigators made the determination and findings after performing several weight and balance tests on the salvaged boat.  The passengers all weighed the national average estimated weight determined by the Coast Guard in making boat safety regulations, 174 pounds.  It was found that the Ethan Allen weighed 8,000 pounds at the time of her accident, over 1,000 pounds more than New York regulations.

Investigators are also looking into a canopy on the boat, installed after the boat’s safety inspections, which may have trapped some life-vests and people under the water.


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