Woman Sues Landlord Over Spinal Cord Injury

Woman Sues Landlord Over Spinal Cord Injury

An Illinois woman has filed a personal injury lawsuit against her landlord, claiming that she suffered permanent spinal cord injury when a large branch from a decaying tree on her rental property broke away and fell on her.

Renee Walker claims she sustained various bodily fractures, including multiple thoracic fractures that left her paralyzed from the waist down. As a result of her injuries, Walker says she has suffered and will continue to suffer great pain, lost wages, and medical bills.

The lawsuit accuses Walker’s landlord, Paul Bryant, of negligence for failing to remove the Siberian Elm, which she had previously advised him was overgrown and in a state of advanced decay.

According to the complaint, Walker was cleaning away branches that had broken away from the tree during a recent ice storm when she was struck by the falling branch. She claims that Bryant told her and her husband to clean up the mess caused by the storm.

Walker is seeking more than $50,000 in damages for her injuries and losses.

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