Largest Personal Injury Award in San Francisco History

Largest Personal Injury Award in San Francisco History

The parents of Elizabeth Dominguez, a 4-year-old who was killed when a MUNI maintenance truck veered onto the curb and struck her, have received a $24.7 million personal injury award, the largest award in San Francisco history.  The award will be split between the parents of the girl and Monica Valencia, a classmate, and Valencia’s grandmother Candelaria, who were both witnesses to the accident.

The Dominguez parents were offered an award of $15.5 million in damages, $3.1 million for Candelaria Valencia and $3.5 million to Monica Valencia.  Sylvia and Humberto Dominguez are considering taking legal action in order to receive the amount they originally were seeking which was over $5 million more than they received.

 The driver of the vehicle was not found liable for his actions.  City Attorney Dennis Herrera is considering the city’s legal options in the face of the settlement.  San Francisco will have to pay out the amount but has the option to appeal to the California Court of Appeal and potentially the California Supreme Court.

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