Deadly Construction Accidents in Las Vegas

Deadly Construction Accidents in Las Vegas

In the past 16 months, construction sites in the city of Las Vegas have taken more than a dozen lives.

Several suits have been filed, but in case after case the state has dropped or reduced proposed fines.

As a result, critics are worried the handling of accidents is sending the message to construction and gaming industries that they can disregard safety rules.

Plumber Becomes Victim of Fatal Accident

In one such case, Richard Luzier, a hired plumber by the Orleans Hotel, was sent to unplug a sewer pipe in a confined space where he was at risk for inhaling poisonous sewer gas.

The hotel reportedly had no permit or training program for their workers and Luzier was sent to do the work with no breathing apparatus or emergency rescue harness.

According to reports, Luzier fell 12 feet and landed face down in the sewage, a second unprepared worker was then sent down to rescue him and instantly collapsed on top of Luzier.

Both men were killed and a third one, David Snow, who was sent down after the second victim, was left in a month long coma and now is permanently disabled.

Casino Accused of Violating Safety Rules

Investigators from the Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration concluded that Orleans Casino, which is owned by Boyd Gaming Corp., was willfully negligent and violated safety rules.

However, when the OSHA tried to cite the company for the death of Luzier and Snow, the state dismissed the case.

“You don’t touch a casino in this state,” explains Don Barker, the former safety director for Boyd Gaming. “I got paid to make things go away, the program has no teeth.”

(Source: Los Angeles Times)

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