Lawsuit Filed in California Nursing Home Negligence

Lawsuit Filed in California Nursing Home Negligence

The group California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform filed a lawsuit on Monday seeking exposure about the state’s lack of nursing home investigations.  The suit alleges that the California Department of Health Services repeatedly has failed to follow-up on reported nursing home violations within the 10-day period required by law.

The group contends that the inspections would save the elderly residents of nursing homes from possible harm due to any number of violations.  The suit would require Department of Health Inspectors to complete investigations in a timely manner as required by state law.
Last year California received 15,500 reports of nursing home problems.  The increase in complaints has risen at a staggering 60 percent over the past five years.  Health Inspectors claim that many reports are false but CANHR says that evidence is often covered up before inspections.  The suit claims that if inspectors actually responded in a timely manner they would not only be doing their legal duty but also undoubtedly be uncovering evidence that nursing homes do not have time to cover up.

 Two members of CANHR had mothers that died from causes they claim could have been prevented if health inspectors arrived in a timely manner.


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