Brain Damage Lawsuit Filed Against Negligent Trainer

Brain Damage Lawsuit Filed Against Negligent Trainer

A lawsuit was filed on Tuesday by the parents of a high school football player who sustained serious brain injury after a collision on the playing field.

Adam Melka, who played as a linebacker for Arrowhead High School, had suffered a concussion just two weeks prior to being cleared by a trainer for the team’s September 2, 2005, game. During that game, Melka was involved in a collision that caused him to suffer severe and permanent brain damage.

According to the lawsuit, Melka should never have been cleared to play in that game because of his previous injuries. The lawsuit cites as negligent the team’s trainer, Jason Ables.

The lawsuit further claims that Ables approved Melka to play without following the proper guidelines and without regard for the potential risk of serious brain damage or death in the event of further injury.

Ables worked for Orthopaedic Associates Sports Medicine & Therapy, which was contracted by the school system to provide treatment and rehabilitation services to Arrowhead athletes.

The lawsuit does not name the school district as a liable party. Lynn Laufenberg, Melka’s attorney, said her client is seeking compensatory damages for the Orthopaedic Associates’ negligent training services.

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