Bausch & Lomb Recalls Lens Solution Worldwide

Bausch & Lomb Recalls Lens Solution Worldwide

Bausch & Lomb issued a permanent worldwide recall of its ReNu with MoistureLoc contact lens solution yesterday after tests confirmed the increased risk for a rare but serious fungal infection.

Last month, the company suspended MoistureLoc sales when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began investigating an unusually high incidence of the fungus Fusarium keratitis in people using the cleaner.

A Fusarium keratitis infection could potentially lead to blindness. Most of the 122 confirmed cases of the infection are contact lens wearers who use the Bausch & Lomb product.

The increase in infections caused a surge of product-liability lawsuits against the company. One woman filed a lawsuit alleging that the solution caused her to lose an eye. Eight others claimed to have needed cornea transplants.

The CDC is still investigating cases and has yet to report the medical outcomes of cases already confirmed.

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