Man Sues City for Disability

Man Sues City for Disability

A man living in Lockport, NY, has filed a lawsuit against the city and two police officers claiming that they are responsible for his current disability.

The suit has been filed for over $150 million by the man, who is a quadriplegic due to injuries resulting from falling down a flight of stairs.

Police Respond to Burglary Alarm

According to report, the two police officers were responding to an alarm that went off at Christopher M. Bower’s home the morning of January 14, 2007.

The officers reportedly woke Bower’s up from bed and led him to the staircase.

Lawsuit Claims

Bower states in the suit that Officer Dennis Sobieraski, pushed him when he was at the stop of the staircase and he lost his balance and fell.

He claims that Sobieraski “willfully and maliciously…struck and pushed him, causing him to fall down a flight of stairs casing catastrophic injuries.”

Plaintiff Suffers

As a result of the fall, Bower, 38, suffered from a broken neck that caused him to become a quadriplegic.

Bower is reportedly seeking $50 million from the City of Lockport and $50 million from both of the police officers who were at his house the morning of the incident.

(Source: Niagara Gazette)

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