25 Killed in Los Angeles Train Crash

25 Killed in Los Angeles Train Crash

A train crash involving a Los Angeles Metrolink commuter train and a Union Pacific freight train is responsible for the death of 25 passengers and another 138 injuries.

According to The National Transportation Safety Board, the train accident, which occurred Friday, Sept. 12, was caused because the Metrolink engineer failed to stop at the final red light signal and ran head first into the freight train. The engineer was killed in the accident.

Train Accident, a Result of Text Messaging?

Federal officials are investigating the cause of the train crash. They said they are going to review the engineer’s cell phone records to see if he was text messaging at the time of the accident.

Officials said the impact of the head-on collision sent both trains off of the rail, trapping the passengers inside the mangled trains for more than a day. Rescue workers worked continuously in an effort to free the injured and recover the bodies of those killed in the train crash. According to reports, the crash was so bad some of the passengers had to be removed in pieces.

Mayor Tries to Dispel Fears of Taking the Train

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa took one of this morning's earliest trains in an effort to show taking the train in safe.
"I want to dispel any fears about taking the train," the mayor said. "Safety has to be our number one concern, and while accidents can and do happen, taking the train is still one of the safest and fastest options for commuters."

(Source: Washington Post)

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