$5 Million Awarded to Woman for Lost Sex Ability

$5 Million Awarded to Woman for Lost Sex Ability

A Cook County jury awarded $5 million to a woman who lost the ability to have sex after a botched medical procedure left her with an enclosed vagina.

In 2000, the 57-year-old former school teacher - who wished to remain anonymous – complained to her gynecologist of symptoms he attributed to a condition known as stress urinary incontinence.

Dr. Taek Kim said he could easily fix the problem while conducting the woman’s scheduled hysterectomy. According to the lawsuit, however, Kim never tested the patient to confirm his diagnosis. It turned out the woman never had the condition.

During her hysterectomy, the doctor inserted a synthetic sling to support her urethra. The sling began to erode in her vagina causing constant internal infections. Kim did not remove the sling until two months after the initial surgery.

The constant infections eventually led to tissue build up, which enclosed her vagina, and muscle spasms. Brian Hurst, her attorney, said, “she lost functional use of her vagina.”

This has been devastating for her and her husband, well beyond the fact that they haven’t made love since May 2000 and likely never will again,” he added.

More than a dozen malpractice suits have been filed against Kim in Cook and DuPage counties.

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