Louisiana Man Awarded $6M in Work Injury Suit

Louisiana Man Awarded $6M in Work Injury Suit

A man living in Matthews was recently awarded $6 million in damages for an injury he sustained while at work.

According to reports, the offshore worker was burned on over half of his body by a streaming chemical solution.

The incident occurred when a hose burst while the plaintiff was aboard his work ship in the Gulf of Mexico.

Former Technician Severely Injured

Raymond Billiot Jr., 37, was working as a maintenance technician for Schlumberger Technology Corp., at the time of the accident.

The suit claims that a rubber-hose melted and doused Billiot with hot zinc bromide.

Billiot was allegedly burned on over 45 percent of his body and was temporarily blinded for a month.

Most of his burns were second-degree and he was required to get several skin grafts. 

Work Injury Victim Files Suit

After being injured, Billiot filed a suit against his former employer claiming that they were negligent in providing a safe work environment for their employees.

A District judge awarded Billiot $6 million for past and future damages and assessed interest.

“He certainly is going to have ongoing medical problems as a result of this accident,” said his attorney, Alton Hall Jr.

(Source: Houma Today)

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