MA Hospital to Cease Operations

MA Hospital to Cease Operations

U-Mass Memorial Medical Center, a major university hospital in Massachusetts has immediately stopped doing any open-heart surgeries recently due to a higher than normal death rate among bypass patients.

The problem has apparently been happening for some two years now, with doctors complaining and major surgeons leaving the program because of problems within it.  The general public was not notified until after health officials confronted the hospital.  The death rate for patients at this hospital was twice the state average.

Out of 917 coronary bypass surgeries, 38 patients have died in the past year and a half.  The Department of Public Health has issued an investigation.  Surgeons hired by the department will look into the hospital’s practices and determine why they have so many deaths.  The Department will also look into how the hospital handled the critical information about the deaths and what steps, if any, the hospital took to prevent them.

The findings follow years of suspicious deaths and bad doctor retention at the hospital.


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