$35M in Medical Malpractice Settlement

$35M in Medical Malpractice Settlement

A family of a woman in Cook County, IL has been awarded $35 million in a settlement over a medical mistake involving an unnecessary surgery and resulting brain damage.  Neveen Morkos of Tinley Park was rushed to the ER at Oak Forest Hospital in May.  Doctors in the hospital performed an emergency appendectomy on the woman.  An anesthesiologist at the hospital did not insert a breathing tube correctly, which deprived Morkos of oxygen.

Morkos went into cardiac arrest and suffered severe brain damage from the incorrectly placed breathing tube.  The Dr. who had inserted the tube was 78 years old and had serious arthritis.  Lawyers for Morkos contended that the doctor’s arthritis played a part in the incorrect surgery.

It was discovered later that Morkos had a viral infection and did not need an appendectomy at all.  The young woman and mother of two will probably not be able to walk because of damages stemming from the incident. 

Since the hospital was a county run establishment, Cook County, home to Chicago and other major cities, will be responsible for paying the settlement.  The amount of the award was the largest medical malpractice award in Cook County’s history.


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