Family of Man Struck by Car Seeks Millions

Family of Man Struck by Car Seeks Millions

A $20 million lawsuit has been filed against the City of Seattle due to a pedestrian accident involving a restaurant manager on February 11, 2007.

The man still remains in a coma at the Seattle Medical & Rehabilitation Center because of his injuries after being hit by a car while crossing the street.

Family Takes Action

Run Sen Liu was hit by a driver in his 40’s who was cited for having no proof of insurance and failing to yield for Liu as he crossed.

Liu’s daughter and wife have filed the suit on his behalf claiming that the city of Seattle knew that the crosswalk where the accident occurred was unsafe but failed to do anything about it.

“Some may wonder why we are asking for so much money,” says the family’s attorney James Buckley.

He explains that the reason for the $20 million is due to the fact that Liu will need about $2 million in healthcare over time and he will lose $500,000 in wages, not including the priceless time he has lost with his family.

As a result of the accident, Liu has severe injuries to his legs, pelvis and brains and still remains unconscious.

Not the First Time

In June 2002, another pedestrian was hit and killed at the same crosswalk where Liu was hit.

The claim states that the City should install pedestrian-activated traffic control signals so pedestrians are able to stop traffic with a red light before they cross to ensure that these types of accidents won’t happen in the future.

Buckley confidently stated last week that he believes the Liu family will be compensated for this tragic accident.

(Source: Northwest Asian Weekly)

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